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The Uneven Terrain of Growth in the RIA Space: Insights from an Industry Expert

The Uneven Terrain of Growth in the RIA Space: Insights from an Industry Expert

March 07, 2024

Welcome to my blog, where I delve into the pressing issues facing the financial advisory landscape. In my latest podcast episode, I had the pleasure of hosting Tobias Salinger, a chief correspondent at Financial Planning at Arizent, to unravel the complexities of growth inequity in the Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) space. This post is a reflection and expansion of our enlightening conversation, aiming to shed light on the challenges and opportunities within the industry.

The Struggle for Equity Among RIAs

The financial advisory industry is at a crossroads, with smaller firms grappling to keep pace with larger consolidators. My concern for the lack of equity in the industry was the catalyst for this discussion. Tobias, with his finger on the pulse of the industry, shared invaluable insights into the operational and compliance-related hurdles that often bog down smaller advisors. These challenges are not just about scale but also about the ability to provide personalized services that are the hallmark of a dedicated advisor.

The Roadblocks for Small Firms

During our conversation, Tobias illuminated the difficulties that advisors face when considering the sale of their practices to insiders. The process is fraught with complexities, and the impact of mergers and acquisitions can be profound. We delved into the nuances of these transactions and the implications for both the advisors and their clients.

Upholding the Fiduciary Duty

A key takeaway from our discussion was the paramount importance of the fiduciary duty that advisors owe to their clients. Tobias and I applauded those in the industry who commit themselves to professional development and maintain a client-centric approach. It's this dedication that can elevate the standard of advice and ensure that clients' interests are always at the forefront.

The Need for Support and Innovation

The RIA space is in dire need of continued support and innovation to bridge the gap between small and large firms. Our conversation underscored the necessity for resources that can help advisors navigate the evolving landscape, from technological advancements to regulatory changes.

Engaging with the Community

As the host of "the 9Innings Podcast", I am passionate about educating, empowering, and engaging with our audience. I encourage you to subscribe to the channel and check out my book, "MLB to CFP®," available on Apple and Amazon. Your questions and comments are always welcome at

A Special Thanks

I want to extend my heartfelt gratitude to Tobias Salinger for sharing his expertise and to you, my audience, for joining us on this journey. Remember to subscribe for more insightful discussions, and as always, stay humble and safe.

In conclusion, the episode with Tobias Salinger was not just a conversation but a call to action for all of us in the RIA space to recognize the disparities and work towards a more equitable future. Let's continue to support each other, innovate, and uphold the fiduciary duty that is the cornerstone of our profession.

RIAs are growing rapidly but not equally. Here's why...Tobias Salinger

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